12.03.2014 : It was 14° C today!

Well, today was quiet warm until it was raining at 17.30. I woke up around 9am today then as I always do, I'll check the weather, quiet surprise because the temperature today was 14°C. My friend told me that spring is starting already in Salzburg; buds are blooming, it will sooner be green! ooh I cant imagine how beautiful it would be. But here in Shanghai, the temperature is getting warmer either, slowly but surely. At the moment, some of us are still suffering of respiratory problem; sneezing, coughing, sore throat, or even nose bleeding. I was shocked today because for the first time in my life I got nose bleeding, I thought my respiratory problem would be in hazardous level. I told my roomy, Meli, and she told me that it is normal if we get nose bleeding because of the dry air. I absolutely dont know whether pollution in Shanghai is worse than in Indonesia, but I never experienced such a problem in Indonesia before. Until now, I cant breath easily, but I hope my lung will survive and get better soon!

Today's class quiet interesting, we had 'Introduction to Chinese Culture' and 'Crisis Communication'.  Our professor for ICC is quiet different from the other professors. I'm quiet sure that she is a theatrical actress, beside a lecturer in FU. She is so expressive and pretty funny. She was explaining about China's history from 1948-1980; Mao, sosialism, and communism.
Well, I'll write about it more details including my own opinion about China nowadays, but now I have to get ready for ladies night at Bottle Opener 92nd floor, Pudong district. ;) https://shanghyper.wordpress.com/photos/shanghai-tower-construction/

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