3rd Autumn in Europe.

Ohh...It's Fall already, but the feeling is still the same feeling I had when the first time I experienced Autumn. Came from exotic (read: tropic) country in south-east asia, it's a magic to see the earth changing its color every 3 months.
Orange, cool temperature, (sometimes) raining and windy, sweater, and boots. Too beautiful to be passed.
Blackforest, Germany (2011)

Prague, Czech Republic (2012)

Salzburg, Austria (2013)

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  1. Hey...! Hast so schönen Blog da :D Der gefällt mir! Darf ich ihn auf meiner Seite "kleben", sodass meine Besucher den auch genießen können?

  2. ah man! es ist doch hier in Blog, lol. na sicher! ;)