Take off

So, as I promised my self and some friends to blog my stories during my stay in Shanghai until some months ahead, I think I will start it now.
Sitting on my very comfort couch in the living room while breathing only with one nostril opened, sometimes coughing, and sometimes fail to sneeze, I'm trying now to remember what I've done in the last almost 3 weeks in Shanghai. Surprise! surprise! (taking Maxi's word) I'm back to Asia, precisely CHINA! Together with the other 19 students, I will stay in Shanghai until end of June to finish our project from the university.

morning sky captured from my room
19 February 2014, 7 am, Salzburg.
I was so proud of my self that I had finally done my stuff; clean up my room and prepare my holdall after let them all laid on my floor for weeks. It was still a bit dark and silent when I was dragging my suitcase to catch train at 8.47 am heading to main station. There I would meet a friend, David, and the other one, Caro, in the next stop. We needed to take train to Munich airport because we would depart there. I had nothing in my mind when the train was leaving, I cast sometimes my eyes briefly to the window of the train while talking with my friends, to make sure that I capture enough beautiful sceneries in my memory storage and recall it anytime I miss Austria.

11.45 am, Munich Airport.
To get to the airport, we had to get off in Ost M√ľnchen station, and from there get a Sbahn to airport. It takes more less 30 minutes. From the airport station we walked to terminal 2 to check in. We flew with Emirates airlines, we were 16 people, and the rest of us would come after. Everything went good, we checked in, boarding, and our flight was scheduled at 14.25.

13.40 pm, Boarding room.
40 minutes before departure, we got first announcement that the flight would be delayed for an hour because of some technical troubles. Well, we could understand, and we would wait, what a nice passengers! an hour or maybe less, after the first announcement, we got our second, it was that our flight would be delayed bit longer; 2 hours. Hmm, it slowly went on to our nerves.

getting bored
2 hours after delay, still waiting.
After the first and the second announcement, there were also further announcements; then they would cancel the flight and transfer us to another flight from London, the flight from London wasn't scheduled to transit in Munich so they would call for the new airplane, at 5.49 pm they reported that the trouble was fixed and they decided to fly, gave a 25€ dinner voucher in last minute for every passenger, and still had to wait for an hour in airplane, it was 9 pm until it really took off. For this case, Emirates airlines was so unreliable!

6.5 hours delay followed the other consequence; we missed our flight to Shanghai, and had to wait for the next flight. We arrived around 5am in Dubai, and should stay there for 5 hours til the next flight to Shanghai. And again, a "we are sorry for the delay" breakfast voucher for the passengers. 

the beach was missing!

Almost 6 hours flew from Dubai, finally we reached Shanghai. It was 11.45 pm (midnight) at the local time. Wow we travel to the future! the time is 7 hours earlier than in Austria. and yeay we made it! :)
Unfortunately I cant give any grade yet to Emirates Airlines, maybe after back to Europe, let see if I will get the other delay ;D, but thank you for bring us safely to Shanghai.

some miles more

19.02.2014, 8.30 am, Salzburg -> 20.02.2014, 11.45 pm, Shanghai. my longest trip ever!

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