Snapshots 2011

My idea was to clean up some old files in my computer, but than I found these fotos. 2011 the first time I learnt fotografie. Some fotos were captured with my old lumix digicam, and some captured with DSLR EOS Canon from my gast mom, she said "forget about the university and take fotografie course!" well I didnt follow her suggestion, maybe I will do it one day. :)

Tictoc (Hinterzarten)

Tractor (South freiburg)

This winter you are safe! (Taken in a village near Freiburg)

Elegance in BW (Mercedes-Benz Museum,Stuttgart)

Orange Saturation (Strasbourg, France)

My first wowing moment (St.Moritz, Switzerland)

Church (St.Moritz, Switzerland)

It's me Piran! (Piran, Slovenia)

Blue raining coat (Freiburg Hbf)

Where to go? (Freiburg Hbf)

Am I dreaming now? (Chiemsee, Bavaria)

It is ... *speechless (Schluchsee, Black forest)

S (Scluchsee, Black Forest)

It's a Hammer with two nails (Konstanz, BW)

Grace of Autumn (Black Forest, Germany)

could you light up my dream tonight? (Xmas market, Freiburg)

Freezing her moment (Black Forest, Germany)

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